Hemza Hajyousif

is a graphic designer & art director based in Brooklyn, NY. 

Currently he’s working as a senior brand designer at Pepsico and maintaining a medium agnostic freelance practice. Prior he led a small team at Maude (a sexual wellness company).

Select Work

Kiwi Arts Group

Visual identity for Kiwi Arts Group, an archive of historic prints, which had recently grown their services to include artist representation.
        We worked with KIWI to refine their existing logo system and develop a unique visual language that spans every touchpoint of the brand both physical and digital

Greer Mosher (Designer)

Art Direction, Branding, Copywriting, Logo Design, Package Design, & Web Design

STA 100
Indigo Design (Gold Metal)
The Brand Identity
Morrre Design Feature
Work completed while at Bright Bright Great